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About Care COVID

COVID-19 has had a large economic impact on the United States. Unemployment surged and the number of people in financial trouble only kept increasing.

These financial issues and lockdowns have impacted our society unequally. While some people’s lives are being upended, many others are financially stable and doing well.

We decided to start a nonprofit organization that would accept donations and prepare care packages for the disadvantaged.

Growing up, Dallas’s strong sense of community has always been integrated into our lives. We aim to give back by bettering the lives of as many people as we can, even if our solution is a care box.

5 Teens Committed to 1 Goal.

All five of us grew up in the metropolitan areas and have participated in helping non-profits through volunteering. When COVID-19 struck the our communities, we all wanted to help our community.

We thought a unique way to help our community would be through delivering "care packages" to brighten their day.

The main goal is to keep our community going strong by bringing joy through our care packages. And to most importanly ensure that Big Things Continue Happening Here!

The Homeless and Disadvantaged Need Our Help

All things big started small. We need your help to grow so that we can deliver as many care packages as possible to help the community that we so dearly love.

Meet The Team

Haroon - President

Hello, I am Haroon Mohamedali, a student at Harmony Science Academy - Carrollton. I am 17 years old and I love to play basketball, watch Netflix, and program in my free time. I joined CareCovid because I wanted to help out my community which had been severely affected by this issue. And now I get to volunteer my time and put my money into something I believe in deeply. Putting a smile on one or two peoples faces when giving them food is all I need to continue.

Ayan - Vice President

Wassup yall my name is Ayan Paul, I'm currently a senior at Harmony Science Academy-Carrollton. In my free time, I like to work on cars, go fishing and play golf. I joined CareCovid because I saw the impact Covid-19 had on the community and I wanted to give back to the community that gave me so much.

Asha - Treasurer

Hi, I’m Asha Hassan and I’m also a rising senior at Harmony. I like to bake, paint really ugly paintings, meditate, and attempt to roller skate. I joined CareCovid because I believe in always helping people. This pandemic led to people not being able to afford basic necessities, which I think is unfair. Some things such as food, water and hygienic products, are essential to life and more people should have access to them.

Abbie - Secretary

Hi, I’m Abbie Bui! I am currently a senior at Northshore High School in Slidell, Louisiana. I spend most of my time within school activities as Governor of Ambassadors, Parliamentarian of Student Council, and Head Drum Major in Band. Outside of school, I love to listen to music, hang out with friends, and attend events that help my community such as making care packages for Hurricane Laura evacuees as well as assisting with the dinner my church hosted for them. CareCovid fascinated me as it will not only aid me in helping my own community, but also reach out to other communities in need! I strongly believe that essential items such as food and water should be available to everyone despite their current situations.

Shivani - Public Relations

Hello, I am Shivani Patel. I am a rising sophomore at Harmony Science Academy - Carrollton. My hobbies include playing volleyball, cooking, and spending my time with my friends. I currently work in an environment where I am seeing people taking precautions against this pandemic. It helped me realized that I am in a fortunate situation where I can help others who are being affected by the virus.